Advent Hymnals


Christ in Song,

There are two ways for trav'lers, only two ways:
One's a hill pathway of battle and praise;
The other leads downward; tho flow'ry it seem
Its joy is a phantom, its love is a dream
Its love is a dream, 'tis only a dream.

There are two guides for trav'lers, only two guides:
One's the Good Shepherd, e'en thro' the death tides;
The other, the serpent, beguiling with sin
Whose beauty external hides poison within,
Hides poison within, death poison within.

There are two homes for trav'lers, only two homes:
One's the fair city where evil ne'er comes;
The other, sin's wages, eternal and dread,
The fate of the lost ones, the doom of the dead.
The doom of the dead, the sorrowful dead.

Quickly enter the strait way, leading to life;
Shun the wide gateway of folly and strife.
The Spirit invites you this moment to come;
The Saviour is waiting to welcome you home;
To welcome you home, to welcome you home.

- -
Title Only Two Ways
Key G Major
Titles undefined
First Line There are two ways for trav'lers, only two ways
Author F. E. B.
Year 1908
Composer F. E. B.
Hymnal -
Tune There are two ways for trav'lers, only two ways
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Invitation and Repentance; Invitation and Repentance: Decision Day; Special Selections: Male Voices
Texts Matthew 7:13
Print Texts
Scripture Song
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