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Christ in Song,

Jesus comes with pow'r to gladden,
When love shines in,
Ev'ry life that woe can sadden,
When love shines in;
Love will teach us how to pray,
Love will drive the gloom away,
Turn our darkness into day,
When love shines in.

When love shines in  
When love shines in,
How the heart is tuned to singing,
When love shines in!
When love shines in 
When loves shines in,
Joy and peace to others bringing,
When love shines in.

How the world will glow with beauty,
When love shines in!
And the heart rejoice in duty,
When love shines in;
Trials may be sanctified,
And the soul in peace abide;
Life will all be glorified,
When love shine sin.  [Chorus]

Darkest sorrows will grow brighter
When love shines in,
And the heaviest burden, lighter,
When love shines in.
'Tis the glory that will throw
Light to show us where to go;
O the heart shall blessing know
When love shines in!  [Chorus]

We may have unfading splendor,
When love shines in,
And a friendship true and tender,
When love shines in;
When earth vic'tries shall be won,
And our life in heav'n begun,
There will be no need of sun, 
For love shines in.  [Chorus]

- -
Title When Love Shines In
Key E♭ Major
Titles When love shines in
First Line Jesus comes with pow'r to gladden
Author Mrs. Frank A. Breck
Year 1908
Composer Wm. J. Kirkpatrick
Hymnal -
Tune Jesus comes with pow'r to gladden
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Living His Life: Love; New Birth; Invitation and Repentance: New Birth
Texts 1 John 4:7
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Scripture Song
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