Advent Hymnals


Christ in Song,

Our sweetest songs of gladness,
On this delightful day,
We bring to praise the Saviour,
Who is the Life, the Way.

We sing, we sing
The praises of our King,
We sing, we sing
The glory of our King.

He lov'd the little children,
When he was here below,
And tho' he's up in heaven,
He loves us yet we know.  [Chorus]

We love to sing his praises
And hear the stories told,
Of him when he was dwelling
In Galilee of old.  [Chorus]

O Saviour, blessed Saviour,
We kneel, before thy throne,
And ask that thou wilt help us
To live for thee alone.  [Chorus]

- -
Title Our King
Key F Major
Titles We sing, we sing
First Line Our sweetest songs of gladness
Author C. H. G.
Year 1908
Composer Chas. H. Gabriel
Hymnal -
Tune Our sweetest songs of gladness
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Children's Hymns
Texts Acts 17:7
Print Texts
Scripture Song
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