Advent Hymnals


Christ in Song,

When, His salvation bringing,
To Zion Jesus came,
The children all stood singing
"Hosanna" to his name.
Nor did their zeal offend him,
But, as he rode along,
He let them still attend him
And smiled to hear their song.

And, since the Lord retaineth
His love for children still,
Tho' now as King he reigneth
On Zion's heav'nly hill,
We'll flock around his banner,
Who sits upon the throne,
And cry aloud, "Hosanna
To David's royal Son."

For, should we fail proclaiming
Our great Redeemer's praise,
These stones, our silence shaming,
Would their hosannas raise.
But shall we only render
The tribute of our words?
Nor, while our hearts are tender,
They too shall be the Lord's.

- -
Title Children's Praises
Key C Major
Titles undefined
First Line When, His salvation bringing
Author Rev. John King
Year 1908
Composer F. E. Belden
Hymnal -
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Christ: Praise to Christ; Hymns for Worship: Closing Hymns; Children's Hymns
Texts undefined
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Scripture Song
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