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Christ in Song,

Not a wasted moment in the morning fair,
Not an idle instant in the noonday glare,
Not a misspent evening let the record bear,
Not a Christless mission anywhere.

Golden grains, how fast they flow!
Soon the last of life must go;
May my angel's record, ev'ry day,
Shine with love's bright moments all the way.

Where the soul is sin sick with its weight of woe,
Where the tears of penitence in silence flow,
Where the hand of sickness lays the loved one low,
His coworker, gladly I will go.  [Refrain]

Where the home is cheerless and the board is bare,
Where the children never hear the voice of pray'r,
Where the drunkard rages o'er the wife's despair,
With my Saviour I must hasten there.  [Refrain]

Where the toilers hurry neath the lash of Gain,
Where the idlers gather in the street and lane,
Where the warriors languish on the field of pain,
Let me go and whisper His dear name.  [Refrain]

- -
Title Not a Wasted Moment
Key G Major
Titles Golden grains, how fast they flow!
First Line Not a wasted moment in the morning fair
Author F. E. B.
Year 1908
Composer F. E. Belden
Hymnal -
Tune Not a wasted moment in the morning fair
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Christ: Winning Souls; Living His Life: Winning Souls
Texts Romans 12:11
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Scripture Song
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