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Christ in Song,

Lift him up, 'tis he that bids you,
Let the dying look and live;
To all weary, thirsting sinners,
Living waters will he give;
And tho' once so meek and lowly,
Yet the Prince of heav'n was he;
And the blind, who grope in darkness,
Thro' the blood of Christ shall see.

Lift him up, the risen Saviour,
High amid the waiting throng;
Lift him up, 'tis he that speaketh,
Now he bids you flee from wrong.

Lift him up, this precious Saviour, 
Let the multitude behold;
They with willing hearts shall seek him,
He will draw them to his fold.
They shall gather from the wayside,
Hast'ning on with joyous feet,
They shall bear the cross of Jesus,
And shall find salvation sweet.  [Chorus]

Lift him up in all his glory,
'Tis the Son of God on high;
Lift him up, his love shall draw them,
E'en the careless shall draw nigh.
Let them hear again the story
Of the cross, the death of shame,
And from tongue to tongue repeat it:
Mighty throngs shall bless his name.  [Chorus]

O then lift him up in singing,
Lift the Saviour up in prayer;
He, the glorious Redeemer,
All the sins of men did bear.
Yes, the young shall bow before him,
And the old their voices raise;
All the deaf shall hear Hosanna!
And the dumb shall shout his praise.  [Chorus]

- -
Title Lift Him Up
Key F Major
Titles Lift him up, the risen Saviour,
First Line Lift him up, 'tis he that bids you
Author May E. Warren
Year 1908
Composer D. S. Hakes
Hymnal -
Tune Lift him up, 'tis he that bids you
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Christ: Teaching the Gospel; Living His Life: Teaching the Gospel
Texts John 3:14-15
Print Texts
Scripture Song
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