Advent Hymnals


Christ in Song,

On the shore beyond the sea,
Where the fields are bright and fair,
There's a call a plaintive plea,
I must hasten to be there.

Let me go, I cannot stay,
'Tis the Master calling me;
Let me go, I must obey;
Native land, farewell to thee.

Hark!  I hear the Master say,
"Up, ye reapers!  why so slow?"
To the vineyard, far away,
Earthly kindred, let me go.  [Chorus]

Just beyond the rolling tide,
The uplifted hand I see;
Lo!  the gates are open wide,
And the lost are calling me.  [Chorus]

Father, mother, darling child,
I must bid you all adieu;
For across the waters wild,
There's a work for me to do.  [Chorus]

- -
Title Missionary's Farewell
Key C Major
Titles Let me go, I cannot stay,
First Line On the shore beyond the sea
Author I. B.
Year 1908
Composer Rev. I. Baltzell
Hymnal -
Tune On the shore beyond the sea
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Living His Life: Missions
Texts Acts 16:9
Print Texts
Scripture Song
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