Advent Hymnals


Christ in Song,

Speak to my soul, dear Jesus,
Speak now in tend'rest tone;
Whisper in loving kindness;
"Thou art not left alone,"
Open my heart to hear Thee,
Quickly to hear Thy voice,
Fill Thou my soul with praises
Let me in Thee rejoice.

Speak Thou in softest whispers,
Whispers of love to me;
"Thou shalt be always conq'ror 
Thou shalt be always free.
Speak Thou to me each day, Lord,
Always in tend'rest tone,
Let me now hear Thy whisper,"
"Thou art not left alone."

Speak to Thy children ever,
Lead in the holy way;
Fill them with joy and gladness,
Teach them to watch and pray,
May they in consecration
Yield their whole lives to Thee,
Hasten Thy coming kingdom,
Till our dear Lord we see.  [Chorus]

Speak now as in the old time
Thou didst reveal Thy will:
Let me know all my duty,
Let me Thy law fulfil,
Lead me to glorify Thee,
Help me to show Thy praise,
Gladly to do Thy bidding, 
Honor Thee all my days,  [Chorus]

- -
Title Speak to My Soul
Key E♭ Major
Titles Speak Thou in softest whispers,
First Line Speak to my soul, dear Jesus
Author L. L. P.
Year 1908
Composer undefined
Hymnal -
Tune Speak to my soul, dear Jesus
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Holy Spirit: Comforter
Texts Isaiah 30:21
Print Texts
Scripture Song
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