Advent Hymnals


Christ in Song,

Give!  said the golden sun:
Up rose the mist,
Safe in the silver clouds
Cradled and kissed.
Give!  said the thirsty earth:
Down came the show'r;
Give!  said the raindrops bright,
Up sprang the flow'r.

Living is giving, giving is living;
All things would die if only receiving.
Give!  this is the rule of love by which we live.

Give!  said the little stream:
Up gushed the spring,
In shady forest nook,
Where robins sing.
Give!  said the river wide:
Brooks hurried down.
Give!  said the ocean tide:
Rivers flowed on.  [Chorus]

Give!  said the midnight moon:
Swift came the light
Borrowed from far-off sun,
Cheering the night.
Help!  said the "Milky Way:"
Stars heard the call,
Orion, Pleiades, 
Dipper and all.  [Chorus]

Give!  cried a sinful world:
Down came the Lord,
He who made everything
Just by his word.
Give!  cries the heathen child,
Hungry for love:
Yes!  say our pennies bright,
Lent from above.  [Chorus]

- -
Title Living Is Giving
Key C Major
Titles Living is giving, giving is living;
First Line Give! said the golden sun
Author F. E. B.
Year 1908
Composer F. E. Belden
Hymnal -
Tune Give! said the golden sun
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Children's Hymns
Texts Ephesians 4:17
Print Texts
Scripture Song
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