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Christ in Song,

We are joyously voyaging over the main,
Bound for the evergreen shore,
Whose inhabitants never of sickness complain,
And never see death any more.

Then let the hurricane roar,
It will the sooner be o'er;
We will weather the blast, and we'll land at last,
Safe on the evergreen shore.

We have nothing to fear from the wind and the wave,
Under our Saviour's command;
And our hearts in the midst of the dangers are brave,
For Jesus will bring us to land.  [Chorus]

Both the wind and the wave our Commander controls,
Nothing can baffle his skill;
And his voice when the thundering hurricane rolls,
Can make the loud tempest be still.  [Chorus]

In the thick murky night, when the stars and the moon,
Send not a glimmering ray,
Then the light of his countenance, brighter than noon,
Will drive all our terror away.  [Chorus]

Let the high-heaving billows and mountainous wave,
Fearfully overhead break;
There is One by our side that can comfort and save,
There is One who will never forsake.  [Chorus]

- -
Title Evergreen Shore
Key C Major
Titles Then let the hurricane roar,
First Line We are joyously voyaging over the main
Author Anon.
Year 1908
Composer Bradbury
Hymnal -
Tune We have joyously voyaging over the main
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects Christ: Voyagers; Living His Life: Voyagers; The Home Eternal: Nearing Home
Texts undefined
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Scripture Song
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