Advent Hymnals


Christ in Song,

"Forever with the Lord!"
Amen, so let it be;
Life for the dead is in that word:
'Tis immortality.
Here in this body pent,
Absent from him I roam;
Yet nightly pitch my moving tent
A day's march nearer home.

Near home, nearer home,
A day's march nearer home.

My Father's house on high,
Home of my soul, how near
At times to faith's aspiring eye,
Thy golden gates appear!
Ah, then my spirit faints
To reach the land I love;
The bright inheritance of saints,
Jerusalem above.  [Chorus]

And when the morn shall come
That ends this night of pain,
Thro' grace may I escape the tomb,
And life eternal gain;
Then knowing "as I'm known,"
How shall I love that word,
And oft repeat before the throne,
"Forever with the Lord!"  [Chorus]

- -
Title Forever With the Lord
Key G Major
Titles Near home, nearer home,
First Line "Forever with the Lord!"
Author J. Montgomery
Year 1908
Composer I. B. Woodbury
Hymnal -
Tune "Forever with the Lord!"
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects The Home Eternal: Nearing Home
Texts undefined
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Scripture Song
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