Advent Hymnals

Church Hymnal 1941 - 201-300

Index of Titles

# Title
201 Soon May the Last Glad Song Arise
202 O What Their Joy Must Be
203 The Word Can Make Me Whole
204 Come, Gracious Spirit
205 Come, Holy Spirit, Come
206 Holy Spirit, Light Divine
207 Let Thy Spirit, Blessed Saviour
208 Lord, I Hear of Showers of Blessing
209 Come, Holy Spirit
210 O for That FLame of Living Fire
211 Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide
212 Hover O'er Me, Holy Spirit
213 Spirit Divine
214 Our Blessed Redeemer
215 Gracious Spirit, Love Divine
216 Holy Spirit, Lamp of Light
217 O Word of God Incarnate
218 Break Thou the Bread of Life
219 Holy Bible, Book Divine
220 I Love the Sacred Book
221 Return, O Wanderer
222 Just as I Am
223 Come, Ye Disconsolate
224 I Hear Thy Welcome Voice
225 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
226 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say_1
227 Behold the Saviour at the Door
228 Almost Persuaded
229 Lord, We Come With Hearts Aflame
230 I Gave My Life for Thee
231 O Jesus, Thou Art Standing
232 Flee as a Bird
233 Jesus, to Thee I Now Can Fly
234 Depth of Mercy!
235 We Stand in Deep Repentance
236 Lord, at Thy Feet
237 Jesus, Full of All Compassion
238 Chief of Sinners
239 Low at Thy Pierced Feet
240 Show Pity, Lord
241 From Every Stormy Wind
242 'Tis by the Faith of Joys
243 Come, O Thou Traveler
244 O Could Our Thoughts
245 O for a Faith
246 My Faith Looks Up to Thee
247 Toil On a Little Longer
248 'Tis My Happiness Below
249 If Through Unruffled Seas
250 When, My Saviour, Shall I Be
251 I Ask Not, Lord, for Less
252 My Spirit on Thy Care
253 The Tempter to My Soul
254 Sometimes a Light Surprises
255 How Firm a Foundation
256 I Am Trusting Thee
257 Call Jehovah Thy Salvation
258 I Need Thee Every Hour
259 All the Way
260 The Lord's My Shepherd
261 A Mighty Fortress
262 Lord of Our Life
263 Courage, Brother
264 To Thee, O Dear Saviour
265 My Life Flows On
266 I Will Follow Thee
267 Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
268 Blessed Jesus, Meek and Lowly
269 Take My Heart, O Father
270 Give Thy Youth to God
271 Not I, but Christ
272 Have Thine Own Way, Lord
273 Take My Life and Let It Be
274 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?
275 Deeper Yet
276 My Jesus, I Love Thee
277 Fade, Fade Each Earthly Joy
278 I Lay My Sins on Jesus
279 Live Out Thy Life Within Me
280 Beneath the Cross of Jesus
281 There Lives a Voice Within Me
282 Thine Forever
283 Saviour! Thy Dying Love
284 Make Me a Captive, Lord
285 I Give My Heart to Thee
286 I Come to Thee, O Father
287 Saviour, Blessed Saviour
288 O Jesus, I Have Promised
289 Weary of Earth
290 O Lamb of God! Still Keep Me
291 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
292 O How Happy Are They
293 Awake! Jerusalem, Awake!
294 Lift Up Your Heads
295 Amazing Grace
296 We Sing the Praise
297 Let Heaven Highest Praises Bring
298 Hark, My Soul! It Is the Lord
299 There Is a Land of Pure Delight
300 Jerusalem the Golden
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