Advent Hymnals


Church Hymnal 1941,

Blessed Jesus, meek and lowly, 
With us here take thine abode; 
We would fain like thee be holy, 
Humbly walking with our God. 
We would thy sweet Spirit cherish, 
Welcome in our hearts thy stay; 
Lest without thine aid we perish, 
O, abide with us, we pray! 

Guide us in the path to heaven, 
Rugged though that path may be; 
Let each bitter cup that's given, 
Serve to draw us nearer thee. 
In thy footsteps traced before us, 
There we see earth's scorn and frown; 
There is suffering ere the glory, 
There's a cross before the crown. 

In thy vineyard let us labor, 
Of thy goodness let us tell; 
All is ill without thy favor, 
With thy presence all is well. 
While the evening shadows gather, 
Through this dreary night of tears, 
Tarry with us, O our Saviour, 
Till the morning light appears. 

Then with thee may we forever 
Reign with all the good and blest, 
Where no sin from thee can sever, 
Where the weary are at rest; 
There to praise the matchless Giver, 
There with angels to adore 
Him who did through grace deliver 
Us from death forevermore.

- -
Title Blessed Jesus, Meek and Lowly
Key G Major
Titles undefined
First Line Blessed Jesus, meek and lowly
Author Annie R. Smith
Year 1941
Composer undefined
Hymnal -
Metrical pattern
# Stanzas
Chorus Type
Subjects The Gospel: Consecration
Texts undefined
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Scripture Song
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